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Too many companies start this section with something like…
”ABC is a leading provider of ”….yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s easy to throw around those over-used assertions.

We’d rather tell you that we’ve been in the business for 15 years, we’ve grown to hundreds of people working in 6 states for a wide variety of customers both large and small, we never had significant layoffs – even during the downturn – we’ve never lost a customer, our average retention rate for crew leaders is over 5 years, and our average retention rate for field supervisors and above is over 8 years! If you’d like to talk to one of our customers to check out our story, we’d like that too, and we will gladly set up a reference call.

We are a large company for our industry but we have a small company approach to business and our customers. We put safety and customer satisfaction first and foremost. As such, we have the ability to quickly react to the needs of our customers and do it with the safest, highest quality services in our industry. It is the experience of our team, the quality of our work, and the commitment we have to our core values that helps us stand out among the rest and be considered one of the very best.



Energes was created through the merger of Riata Roustabout and Backhoe and D&J Services in May 2013. Riata and D&J were two leading Colorado-based oilfield service providers, each with many years of commitment to our service area and more than 10 years of service to our largest customers.


The two predecessor companies became Energes Services, with the rebranding denoting our expanded set of capabilities, as well as the introduction of professional best practices that came with the recruitment of a seasoned management team. The merger enabled us to combine the skills and experience of both companies, and has allowed us to broaden our range of service offerings, capabilities and geographic scope.

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