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As we begin to work together, we consider all who are involved with Energes as part of our large family. As most families do, we care about each and every one of our members and we never want any harm to come their way. We are also protective of our environment and we will make sure that everday we leave the areas we work in better than the way we found them. We take a proactive approach to being safe and it runs through our entire company from the people we hire to the training we provide and includes the critical role of management and oversight. We have a fully dedicated safety department staffed with highly trained professionals that care about our employees, our customers and the environment.

Energes is committed to a safe and healthy workplace that ensures the wellbeing of all employees and our customers. We will consider employee and customer safety in everything we do. We will always provide the highest quality services but only if we can do it with uncompromising levels of safety. We will never sacrifice or compromise safety to get something done quicker or easier.

Finally, if we cannot provide our services safely we will not do the work.

If our safety rules and regulations are in line with your expectations, then let’s get to work.


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